All the actions or plans that we carry out in the digital marketing of our business must be clearly focused on some objectives and goals. These objectives must respond to the needs of the brand and here digital marketing has a key role to come up with the right solutions for the company. In this context, the objectives must always follow the SMART rule, proposed by George T. Doran. These are specific objectives (Specific), measurable (Measurable), achievable (Achievable), real (Realistic) and defined in time (Time based). The most important thing is that these types of objectives must be made and studied to provide solutions to the real problems of companies.
Types of digital marketing goals for your company

The objectives must be specific, because the generalities do not lead anywhere. They have to be measurable with the tools that we have at our disposal to be able to measure the results. They must be achievable and realistic in order to achieve the proposed goals. Finally, when a company considers digital marketing objectives, it is important that they are defined in time, setting dates, because we must ask ourselves when we want to achieve what we have proposed.

These could be some of those specific objectives that any company that makes the leap into the digital environment to expand new horizons could consider. The more concrete the objective, the better you can work on it.

Measurable objectives

In order for our objectives to be measurable, we must reach for the numbers, so we can see later if we have achieved our goal.
Achievable goals

It is time to set objectives that our company needs, asking us what digital strategies we will use to achieve them effectively. Here are some clear examples of objectives:

How can we increase visits to our website? A very useful and effective strategy when increasing visits to a site is increasing the content in it. One proposal could be to write more articles in the company blog, clearly focused on the client and that is of interest. Periodically share these contents in our brand social networks, thus redirecting more visits to the page.
How can we expand the sales of our company? Advertising campaigns in Google search, banners in some media or online portals, or even ads on social networks, such as social media campaigns on Twitter, could be good platforms to make our goal achievable.

How can we expand our database? A very effective way to get customers to provide us with their data is by doing promotions. For example, try to offer a 10% discount when making the first purchase just by subscribing to the newsletter. It is a simple gesture to which any of our clients can succumb. Who does not like the offers? Carrying out this strategy with your marketing department or your digital consultants will allow you to easily reach your goals.

Realistic goals

As we have already said at the beginning of this article, the objectives must be realistic. For this we must evaluate if we have the resources and the personnel that we will need for it. Or, even, consider if to get them we must ask for help from an agency or hire qualified personnel in digital marketing.