A business model is about the way in which a company will generate income and profits, what products or services it will offer, how it will sell and to whom. Therefore, a good business model is one that through innovative projects knows how to find a niche market that satisfy and solve the problem or need of its customers. The emergence of the Internet and new technologies have revolutionized the way of doing business, giving rise to the new digital business model, so evolve your business model in this field is key to its operation.

All online business models present a common feature: they make use of new technologies as a platform to market their products or services. However, any company can differentiate the putting into the online world from several aspects: the mode of financing, the degree of interaction with the user, or in the type of sales, for example. Here we give you some ideas of digital business model that can serve as an example.

Digital business models

Freemiun Model: The freemium business model is one of the most popular. One of its main strategies is to get a large volume of customers. Thing that through the Internet is much easier. How do they do that? Offering free products to its users, but always promoting a second article linked to the previous one and generally of great monetary investment. An example of a Freemium model is the Spotify music platform, which offers a free version but with ads. If the client wants to enjoy music without ads, then he should make the jump from his free account to a premium one. Other platforms also offer a free service for a while, and after this, if the customer wants to continue enjoying it, there is no other way to pay it.

E-learning model: Online training has been a revolution in the field of education, because it allows lower costs because it does not require a physical classroom. Many are already companies that offer masters or postgraduate courses online, language classes by Skype, or courses of all kinds. In general, it is based on a virtual campus where teachers and students can interact in a simple way. This digital business model is booming, and there are already multiple platforms to create an online training campus.

Peer to Peer model: The American term peer to peer means “peer to peer”, or what comes to be a peer-to-peer network. This model is a bit particular, since it is based on the exchange or sale, either products or services between individuals or companies, but always at the same level. Supply and demand have a free nature, where commercial links can be developed between two people, which otherwise would be very complicated. This business model was born in the United States by companies such as Airbnb, where individuals can offer their home as accommodation directly to interested people, without intermediaries in between. In the Spanish version we can find Wallapop, where exchanges and product transactions are carried out with people from the area through geolocation, from private to private.

Crowfunding: These are websites that give visibility to projects that need funding and help. People interested in these projects can contribute funds and become patrons in exchange for small gifts or even get a small share in the business. Verkami, a Spanish platform aimed at crowdfunding, is surely one of the best known.

The search engines are web pages where they offer many offers within a specific sector, such as hotels, restaurants, etc. They connect consumers with all the information that interests them and can attract traffic to your website or even increase their sales. A clear example is Booking or the Trivago portal, where there is a wide range of accommodation and hotels. Or even, flight search engines like Kayak.

This option will allow your online business to work on lead marketing. This is a type of business model that allows you to identify niche markets, and once identified, adapt your website to address them with the goal that it meets your demand with content, information and marketing strategies that are interesting for the target Each user can be a lead that can become a customer. This form of income generation is basically the evolution of the advertising model. An example is Habitissimo.es, where clients are construction professionals and pay to be able to access qualified job requests (leads) demanded by potential clients. Habitissimo offers reform services, construction, and even transporters for removals.