When I give SEO classes and I ask my students … What is the first step they usually do in an SEO campaign? Many respond that the first thing they do is to do the keyword study or an SEO audit of the web they will work with.

I think it is a mistake to start with these 2 tasks without having done an efficient SEO Briefing of the project.

In the next article we will see what is a Briefing SEO, why important and what should be asked. We’re going over thereā€¦
What is a Briefing for a Search Engine Optimization SEO campaign?

It is a document that collects commercial and technical information of the client and its web page that we intend to position.

It can also be a meeting where we ask the client the information we need to do our SEO work well.

There are professionals who prefer to send the client a questionnaire and others prefer to meet to get the information firsthand.

We can not do a correct keyword study if we do not know what products and services our client sells
We can not do an efficient keyword study if we do not know the main competitors of the client.
We can not do a correct SEO audit if we do not have access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console data from the client’s website.

I think we are getting used to the fact that since there are wonderful SEO tools that give us a lot of information on a web page, we consider that we do not need to obtain information from other more direct sources such as asking our client questions.

I like to compare an SEO campaign with a medical treatment to a patient

When we go to the doctor, the first thing he does is ask us about our life and ailments

What is your name?
What do you work on?
How old are you?
Do you smoke, drink alcohol, etc?
What hurts?
In your family someone suffered from …?

After this information the doctor makes us a review or sends us to do analysis to know more about the possible illness or disease that we have.
The doctor does not apply a treatment if he does not have our medical history.

The same thing is the briefing, it is prior information that SEO needs to do its job better.

For this reason, in this article I am going to share the kind of information that I usually ask the clients in a Briefing SEO document when I am going to start working with them. I hope this information is useful so that you can apply it in your web projects.