In this article we are going to share very good Examples of Headlines or Subject Lines for Advertising Emails, Bulletins or Newsletters. If you are doing email marketing campaigns, I invite you to read this post …

The subject line or headline is that phrase we see (or should see) when an email arrives in our inbox.
That text is very important because it is one of the first things your subscriber will see and it is the best opportunity we have to convince him to open the mail and read its contents.

Measure your opening rate and if you are below, you have to improve some element within your email marketing campaign. One of them can be the Subject line

The other day I was reading an article in the blog of the email marketing tool Spotler that said that an optimal subject line should be focused on these 4 questions:

Why do I receive this newsletter?
What is it / what is it?
What does it mean to me?
What is expected of me / what do I have to do?

These 4 points motivated me to make a compilation of the best commercial emails that I received in my inbox and that I think have some hook that has motivated me to click and see the content of the newsletter or newsletter.
Examples of writing headlines with hook for an Email Marketing campaign
Use numbers in the subject line

Many experts claim that using numbers in the headlines is better at attracting attention and clicking. The numbers represent lists that are highly appreciated information formats on the internet. Let’s see some examples of how to use them …

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Question marks

Asking questions prompts them to respond. In addition, question marks are very striking symbols when reading a text.

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