The marketing of results, also known as Performance Marketing, encompasses a series of strategies in which the client or advertiser only pays for the results obtained from their online campaign. And, for this, the previous work is key to try to know as much as possible the results that will be obtained.

In digital marketing, unlike traditional advertising, results can be measured accurately and at the same time that a campaign is running. Having access to the results in real time allows you to adjust and optimize the campaign while it takes place, with the aim of achieving greater success.

The marketing of results takes full advantage of all the advantages offered by digital marketing and develops campaigns with the aim of getting new customers, optimizing the investment to the maximum.
What are the advantages of results marketing?

The main objective of a company is to grow and improve, both in number of establishments, product lines, quantity and quality of customers, and so on. The idea is to improve the profit margin that can be achieved thanks to the marketing of results and the practice of digital advertising and all that this entails.
Investment optimization

One of the main advantages of the marketing of results is the optimization of the investment. Performance marketing allows the company to make decisions that help maximize profits at the end of a promotion.

The specialists in performance marketing carry out performance services, controlling Return on Investment (ROI), which allows knowing the profitability of an action. Compare and state why one proposal has been more successful than another and know the target, will bring many advantages when making assessments of the proposals made.

Continue investing in a campaign thanks to the values ​​of the results that are being achieved, will make it easier for the campaign to follow a good learning process and reach the optimum point without cutting its progression. The company that trusts in the marketing of results, must understand that some decisions must follow the evolution of the campaign itself and the activity of the target in front of it.

Knowing the real cost of each action, will allow you to know from the beginning, how to manage the budget and establish what and how many actions are needed to reach the desired objective.

Knowing in advance what action is most effective for your audience and which is more profitable to invest in, will optimize the project in time and money.
Value of the conversion

Another advantage of the marketing of results is the possibility of knowing the exact value of the conversion. A key piece to define the business objectives and the strategic decision making of a business.

In marketing, the error test is a common practice and the company management must know how to adapt their decisions based on real data. Digital marketing gives us a lot of information, such as the data related to the conversion of the lead or the price of each lead. But in the marketing of results is essential to be aware of what happens in the campaigns, which will decipher the way of consumption of the target of your company, will test the reaction to a new product, in addition to other data of value for your organization that is convenient to listen to.
Brand visibility

The results marketing offers a wide variety of channels where to act, from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, via email marketing, display ads or banners on websites or mobile app, SMS advertising, and so on.

This wide range of possibilities will allow to be present in a multitude of formats and means of communication simultaneously. Make the brand act in all these media and pursue the customer power during the navigation by computer or mobile device, taking advantage of the minimum opportunity to convince the acquisition of the product