It is not uncommon for a sales team to be in the second half of the month, near the “final stretch”, and see that it is far from meeting the established goals. It is during this period that pressure begins to rise, overtime increases, emotional and physical exhaustion affects productivity and quality of work.

When the month ends, without the hit goal, a rubber is passed on what happened. However, heavy conscience mixed with frustration for a month with low results delivery leaves the new month with the face of a greater challenge than it really is.

Thinking about this situation and seeking to help find a way out, we separate in this post 9 reasons that may be preventing your sales team from hitting the targets. Keep reading to find out what they are.
Lack of qualified or overqualified Leads

The dream of every seller is to receive Leads with all the characteristics that a potential client of your company owns and, mainly, with clear intent to buy. It would be a utopia to say that companies need to deliver only Leads like this, because in this way, they would not need a sales team, but only someone to take only orders. In short, there is no 100% conversion rate for Leads to customers.
Unstructured sales process

Not having a well-defined process makes salespeople unclear about what steps to take in the next steps. If we can talk in “stages” when there is no definition of process.
Little knowledge of the product / service

What good is a salesperson if he does not understand or can demonstrate to a customer how his company can help him? It may seem strange to a situation like this, but many companies fail to invest or encourage the ongoing study of their team.
Few statistical analyzes of performance

“How will the team beat the goal in the next period if I do not know where we went wrong in that?”

One of the worst situations for a sales manager is not knowing how to develop your team. Not having accurate data or reports of your salespeople’s performance makes their attitudes of improvement almost like “shots in the dark” based on assumptions.
Lack of coaching

It is not enough for a salesperson to study about the product and market in which it acts to reach the expected goals. From the savvy vendor to the newest, everyone needs ongoing training and coaching from their managers.