Brand identity translates into the values ​​that a company transmits through its entire business strategy. This encompasses everything from the brand’s logo, the designs of the products and the design of the website to the ethics and way of acting of the business itself. It is possible that over the years the organization undergoes changes and it is necessary to update the brand identity to adapt it to the new being.

Brand identity could also be defined as the consumer’s perception of a brand. The closer this perception is to the values ​​or feelings that you wish to convey, the better the work of the company is. This is achieved through colors, typography, logo, packaging and even the design of the corporate website.

In short, the objective of brand identity is to use all these visual and physical elements to show a positive image in consumers. But what else does it offer?

Brand identity gives your products a unique and unique feeling.
Communicate to your clients who you are.
Transmit how you want your customers to feel when they use your product or service.

When it is necessary to question and update the brand identity

After understanding the importance of the company’s brand, it makes us think about the need for a good corporate image. So it never hurts to review or update the brand identity of a company or organization. But, on what occasions is it convenient to question the brand identity?

On the one hand it is convenient to update the brand identity for strategic reasons of the company, if this has undergone an important transformation and it is necessary to rethink its direction and on the other hand, solve problems of the existing image that are being transmitted to the rest of the business. Let’s look more closely at the benefits of updating the brand identity and on what specific occasions it is recommended to do so.

Outdated brand identity

When our corporate image is outdated it is advisable to update details such as the logo. How often should we change the logo or brand identity? It is difficult to decree a specific period, since making a change that may seem insignificant as the logo that identifies your business, will represent a change in packaging, signage, digital image, signatures, etcetera.

Launch of new products

For the launch of new products, the design of this is a relevant issue for the identity of the brand and the product itself. There are brands that take advantage of the moment of launching a novel product to redesign or update the entire brand identity. With the appearance of this product or service all eyes will be placed on the company, and therefore, it is a good time to show the world a more attractive image. To promote the promotion of new products, a digital advertising strategy will be of great help and will project the launch.

Rectify design errors

The time to choose the brand image and the logo that the organizations will use is usually in an initial phase of the project. Sometimes not enough efforts are devoted to work on it, either due to lack of information, budget or time, but experience tells us that this way of acting ends up being an error and soon it is discovered that the logo, colors or image Digital does not represent your organization if it has not been worked correctly. In addition, it does not transmit to consumers the true values ​​of your company.

Get new customers

Imagine that over time our business evolves and with it, the profile of the clients has changed. You may have found a new market niche or even decide to open an international market. In any of these cases it is essential to adapt the corporate identity to the new situation. A recent example has been the Spanish company Gas Natural Fenosa, which this summer not only replaced its logo with a new one, but has completely changed its name – Naturgy-, and completely redesigned the website. The update of its brand identity is due to the desire to expand the business outside the country, a decision that has led to replace the name to get a more international sound and be pronounced around the world.